Born: 2004
Breed: Friesian/Lipizzan mix
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16hh (Est)
Weight: 1,300 lbs (Est)
Color: White
Training: Was trained in dressage as an 8 year old, but had not been ridden for about 8 years, but has been doing well under saddle and is remembering his previous training. He would do well with further training.
Health: Excellent overall health. Up to date on vaccines and deworming.
Adoption Fee: $3500

TopHat's Story

TopHat is a white gelding with sporadic "fleabite" coloring. He is a cross between a Friesian stallion and Lipizzan mare and can be registered, but is not currently registered.

TopHat was born and raised by his breeder and started training in Dressage as a youngster. Unfortunately, his breeder passed away and TopHat sat in a pasture for several years, being fed and taken care of by a good neighbor. After several years, said neighbor called us to take him in and find him a good home where he could become someone's partner. He had not been ridden for about 8 years until he came to our facility, but he has taken well to be ridden again and is remembering his old training. TopHat would do well with more training and refreshers under saddle, but we expect that he would be an excellent riding horse.

TopHat is a very easy keeper and will get overweight if his feed isn't watched. He came to us quite overweight, though with an exercise routine and watching his feed intake, he's looking much better. Now he is just looking for his forever partner to spend the rest of his life with.

If you are interested in meeting TopHat or learning more about him, please contact us!

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