Born: 2010 (est)
Breed: Mustang mare (captive born)
Gender: Mare
Height: 14.1hh (est)
Weight: 950 lbs (est)
Color: Red Roan
Training: None. Not yet halter broke, but will allow being pet.
Health: Excellent overall health
Adoption Fee: TBD

Gracie's Story

Gracie is a Mustang mare. She was living on a wild horse sanctuary and came to our facility when it closed down. She came together with her filly.

We do not yet know how old she is.

Gracie is currently not halter broke, though we are working with her daily to get her more used and trusting of humans. She will allow us to per her entire right side and she has a few "that's the spot!" moments where she absolutely enjoys being rubbed.

She's a very sweet mare and, while cautious, will follow you around once she trusts you.

She has the potential to be trained. She does not exhibit any health issues.

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